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Multi Factor Authentication

Introducing HID ActivID® Authentication Appliance for Enterprise ID Solution for Enterprise - Enabling Trusted Access to Your, Enterprise Data and Cloud Applications

HID Global’s ActivID Authentication Appliance enables enterprises to:
  • Prevent Inappropriate Access: Layered authentication with a flexible approach that supports multiple authentication methods and devices to protect your business.
  • Enable Mobility: Facilitate the adoption of security policies for both managed and unmanaged (BYOD) mobile devices, including Apple iOS, Android and Blackberry, to minimize risks throughout the enterprise.
  • Secure access to In-House and Cloud Applications: Secure remote access to most common Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions and cloud applications using a standards-based approach.
  • Reduce Operational Costs: Quickly and easily deploy the latest authentication methods from a single appliance to minimize the expense of building and maintaining multiple authentication infrastructures for different needs.
  • Achieve Compliance: Establish secure access policies and controls to sensitive networks, applications, and data that support regulations and guidelines.

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